a selection of essays and poetry published in print


(Sold out) "Soft As Fuck" is a semi-fictionalized essay published in the book "You Care Too Much" featuring the work of seventeen creative women meditating on the concept of self care. "Soft as Fuck" explores the inherently female attribute of softness as an antidote to suffering, more specifically, heartbreak.

You Care Too Much features work by Tallulah Fontaine, Winnie Truong, Anabela Piersol, Brooke Manning, Angela Lewis, Jessika Hepburn, Leah Horlick, Vicky Lam, Jen Spinner, Christina Yan, Adina Tarralik Duffy, Kathryn Bondy, Erin Klassen, Sofia Mostaghimi, Nada Alic, Naomi Moyer, and Mo Handahu. Edited by Erin Klassen + Art Direction by Jen Spinner.
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"You" is a poem published in Dialogues II, a book of Poems and Photographs published by Aaron Stern and Jordan Sullivan. Dialogues II features 52 photographs and 25 poems by such artists as Jim Jarmusch, Matthew Brandt, Paul Auster, James Welling, Ray Metzker, Carl Phillips, Chris Succo, Paul Wasserman and more. 

"You" explores the nuances between disgust and desire as told from a woman who degrades herself in search of something small, plain and mean.  

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