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Future You No. 2 features 6 original pieces of short fiction and artwork by writer Nada Alic and artist Andrea Nakhla. Each story examines the suspension of disbelief so often required for romance through such means as: signs, astrology, dreams and secrets, etc.

At first glance, each character's rejection of reality in favor of their own, sweeter version of it feels absurd and obvious, but endears us to the universal desire to do just that: manufacture our own realities to avoid heartbreak at all costs. Future You is available online, as well as such bookstores as Stories, Pop Hop, SOOP SOOP, Likely General and more.

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(SOLD OUT) Future You is the first collection of fiction by Nada Alic, released in June 2014. The book included artwork by Andrea Nakhla and contributions from photographer, Angela Lewis and designer and musician, Nik Ewing.

The debut book examines the complicated textures and nuances of the Universe and everyone inside of it. Both tender and destructive; the characters of Future You are always experiencing, becoming, unraveling. Innocuous everyday events transform into sacred shrines for such things as: experiencing the true horror of living inside of a 12 year old body, the spiritual sensations of accidental human contact in a crowded train, the abandon of unshaved legs and the utter strangeness of dying in front of strangers. 


(SOLD OUT) I Saw It In You was released in February, 2016 as a part of artist Andrea Nakhla’s art show entitled Little Joy at New Image Art. The book features 11 original portraits with accompanying prose written by Nada Alic.